Last week we learned that Alphonso Hughes is moving to Georgia soon and we’ll lose him – bon voyage! Also we had another impressive inductions led by Gant Redmon for our new Bob Blanchard, Drew Carroll recognized a group of birthdays, President-Elect Sharon Meisel reported on her attendance at the RI convention in Hamburg and also encouraged us to bring in more sponsors for Flags for Heroes, and we were reminded that we would not have Rotary meeting on July 2nd. LP Chang introduced Dr. John Cho, Publisher, Military Medicine International Journal. Dr. Cho gave us a very well presented and informative update on the field of military medicine and it’s impact on the overall field of American medicine. First was that the 4 military services have basically merged their 4 communities under a single provider to achieve impressive economies of scale. He gave us many examples of improvements in medical practice such as electronic health records, collaboration among health providers, and innovative uses of virtual and augmented reality capabilities to assist doctors using critical procedures.