Last week was a busy meeting as is always the case on Contributions Day. We spread out in all three ballrooms to handle the 60 or so guests from the 52 charitable organizations to whom we were awarding grants. Is was a truly red letter day since we presented grants of $131,500 ($61,500 by the ADN&CH and $70,000 by the Contributions Committee) to these 52 grateful organizations. We have set the bar for next year at a high level but one we can attain with continued effort and hard work. Before the handout of grants, the DG Yarborough presented Sharon Meisel the Governor’s Club Builder Award for her efforts with ours and other clubs (well deserved). Charlotte Hall, Chair of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce board was our speaker and started off telling us how grateful she is to us for our contributions to the community and helping bring so many groups together. She made a strong point in asking everyone to think how we can support organizations that support the community and continue to seek out strong up-and-coming young professionals as leaders.