At our April 30th meeting we had some interesting announcements – recognition of the volunteers who did so much to help with our 2nd Annual Golf Tourney and our assistance with a Rebuilding Alexandria project, birthday recognition of Brooke Curran, his classification talk by Alphonso Hughes, and Sharon Meisel’s announcement of our 2019 “Flags for Heroes” fund raiser. To cap these announcements we had Gov. Jim Gilmore speak to us again. He first mentioned some info about his previous talk with us about North Korea and his current more optimistic outlook since their GDP is so small relative to other nations. He then gave us an interesting talk about his nomination as the US Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). He is currently only the nominee until such time as the Senate approves his nomination. He’ll be located in Vienna where the 57 nations that are in the OSCE meet weekly. As expected, Gov. Gilmore was both very informative and interesting.