The Forecaster for April 9, 2019

Last week’s meeting included announcements about Rotarian of the Month for March, Jim Carmalt,; blue badges for Andrea Downing, Pat Tokarz, and Andrea Koslow; presentation of Paul Harris awards to those who missed Charter Night; info on our April community service as a Rebuilding Alexandria project; and an update on preparations for our 2nd Annual Golf Tourney on Monday April 22nd. David Fishman introduced Ambassador William Hill who spoke to us about the USSR and Russia since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The US and the West basically went through three periods with Russia – 1. The Peace Dividend when we decided to stay involved in Europe, 2. Reunification of Germany, and 3. the collapse of the USSR and the Russian Empire. Amb. Hill gave us a very good speech about the many factors involved over the recent years and closed with a few observations and recommendations about the way ahead.

The Forecaster for April 2, 2019

Last week our announcements at the start of the meeting were about the success of the Charter Night dinner, Rick Bailer’s report on the water and sanitation projects we have underway, student recognition of Jasmine Vargas from St Stephens & St Agnes who is a real go getter and headed for the Univ. of Alabama, encouragement for more to sign-up for our April 22nd golf tourney, and John Moorman’s recognition of March birthdays of Edmund Willis, Dan Blaine, Mary Ann Karau, and Christine Friedberg. Our speaker was Tim Manning, a security an crisis management consultant who was introduced by his neighbor and friend, Mike Holm. In a fast paced speech accompanied by many well chosen photos Tim gave us his take on the on-going climate change/global warming we are experiencing. A key fact he put forward was: carbon dioxide is the primary culprit in global warming since it raises the heat in water and air thus being a major causative factor in climate and weather changes, melting ice caps, changes in plant and grazing patterns, coastal flooding and so many more problems. For thousands of years before the early 1900s the level of CO2 was very steady but shot up and is rising exponentially since the start of the Industrial Revolution. A most interesting speech that was also quite thought provoking.

The Forecaster for March 26, 2019

This Forecaster actually reports on both our weekly meeting on Tuesday March 19th and our Charter Night banquet on Saturday March 23rd. At our weekly meeting we had announcements about the celebration of the life of Lady Kaye Matthews on March 27th, our 2nd Annual Golf Tourney on April 22nd, and about a fund raiser by the Rotary club of Springfield on April 26th. Our speaker was Maj Gen (USAF Ret) Marty Whelan who gave us a most interesting speech about what has changed in the recent Missile Defense Review. He covered some basic facts of “Missile 101” and told us that international adversaries are constantly improving their missile capabilities and their threats to our space sensors needed for our own missile defense. On Saturday evening over 150 of us and our guests had an enjoyable social hour and dinner celebrating our 91st year since being chartered in 1928. Our program included a range of award recognitions – 41 various Paul Harris awards (including 6 for PH+6 as Major Donors) as well as other 3 club specific awards. All in all this was a very rewarding and enjoyable Charter Night.

The Forecaster for March 19, 2019

Last week we had a normal jam packed meeting with friends, fellowship, food, and good fun. Announcements were made about: finishing Paul Harris Awards by Charter Night, ROM for March being Frank Fannon, Golf Tourney on April 24th, EREY of $25 suggested before end of May, and a most interesting speech by Rev. Dean Schultz, mostly about the DALIT people of India. Dean told us of the deplorable life conditions of the Dalit (or “untouchables”- they are likely the most persecuted group in the world). He shared many of his photos taken around India showing the horrendous traffic and living conditions of a population of 1.3 billion people with the Dalits making up 250 million of them. A gleam of hope for the Dalits is that their schooling is improving somewhat and thus younger people are starting to bring themselves and their communities towards a more favorable future. This bulletin includes the sad news of the passing of Lady Kaye Matthews, wife of Sir Stewart.

The Forecaster for March 12, 2019

The March 5th meeting was another jam packed meeting with a variety of information and encouragement – encouragement first to sign-up or volunteer for our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament on April 24th, Pat Tokarz gave us a factoid about women in Rotary, we had a Moment for Missions from Michael Mahrer of the Literary Council of Northern Virginia, encouragement to attend the 91st Anniversary of our founding at the Charter Night dinner on Saturday March 23rd, and we got word that our own Brooke Curran is one of the few Living Legends being honored this year. Then we had an interesting and informative speech by Michelle Thyen and Amy Hobbs from the Brain Injury Services organization. They explained some of the services this group provides and told us that the most important aspect of recovery from brain injury is to have someone “walk the journey” with brain injury survivors and help them get back into the community while being treated as a regular citizen and not someone with a disease.

The forecaster for March 5, 2019

Laissez le bon temps roulez or, in other words, Happy Mardi Cras on “Fat Tuesday” at the start of this year’s Lenten season. Last week on Feb. 26 we had a great meeting: Roger Grooms told us about plans for our golf tourney on April 24th – a shotgun start here at BHCC for about 80 golfers, a delicious lunch, great fun, and open and welcome for anyone of any level of golfing expertise. New members especially welcome. Players and volunteers please contact Roger,, to sign up. We then had welcoming words about our Charter Night on Saturday March 23rd (our 91st anniversary), encouragement to sign up for the 3 committees we want to help with this year, and a welcome to Charlie Collum from Kitty Hawk back visiting after 2 years away. The highlight of the day was our speaker, Chris Herndon, sharing photos and comments about his 23 months as the Director of White House Technology working for the Trump Administration and always close to the center of many newsworthy activities. A very enjoyable and informative few words from a newly returned and most welcomed member of the club.

The Forecaster for February 26, 2019

We started last week’s meeting with a Mission Moment when Bill Colosimo told us what they’ve been doing with our contribution at the Alexandria Singers. They been able to supported several elements of the community including schools and Girl Scouts. We also had an induction ceremony of two new members, Linda Rae deGinder and David Fishman, both previous Rotarians. A short, one person, birthday recognition by Paul Anderson for John Moorman, a report on Meals on Wheels by Mary Lee Anderson, and Roger Grooms announcing the new date for our golf outing on April 24th were other notable announcements. Joe Haggerty, Pres. and CEO of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, was our speaker. Joe mentioned that several members of our club were active with the Chamber and then he also told us about major activities the Chamber has on-going this year- such as the new Amazon HW2 efforts that will take place in the newly identified National Landing. One pleasant forecast is that home prices are expected to rise as the HQ2 development proceeds.

The Forecaster for February 19, 2019

At our meeting last week (Feb. 12th) we had several important announcements: news that our Brooke Curran has just been named on of the 10 Alexandria Living Legends for 2019, in honor of all the charitable works she has led; the impressive induction ceremony Gant Redmon led for Derek Mason as our newest Red Badger; and a pep talk from Rich Morrison regarding our Paul Harris Awards. Nancy Van Gulick Cooper introduced our speaker who was Liz Hume from the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Liz gave us a very good coverage of peace building including that one change needed is to ensure that sustainable peace becomes the goal in anticipating, managing, and reducing violent conflict. She also stated that we need to start working for peace early in situations and not start peacebuilding after the fact.

The Forecaster for February 12, 2019

Some of the announcements made at the start of last week’s meeting were: Mary Lee Anderson informing us about our community service project for Feb. being Meals on Wheels and asking 6 new volunteers to help deliver on the weekend of 23 and 24 Feb., President Paul Anderson reminding us of some upcoming events- Happy Hour at Chadwicks in Old Town from 5 to 7 pm Feb 28th, Charter Night on Saturday March 23rd, and District Convention April 4-7. Roger Grooms told us our golf outing will be on April 25th here at BHCC. and Jessica Knox thanked us for support we’ve given her as a Global Scholar at Oxford working on a nuclear security fellowship. Erica Frazier was our speaker who told us about Mount Vernon at Home, a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization that provides services and support to allow seniors to live safely, comfortably, and confidently in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Forecaster for February 5, 22019

This bulletin had several important announcement: info on how to access the club website, word about our Happy Hour on Feb. 28th at Chadwicks in Old Town, Fareena Siddiqui is our Rotarian of the Month for Feb, and basic contact info on new members Linda Rae deGinder, Fareena Siddiqui, and Derek Mason. Also, continuing recent trends, we’d had a fair number of visitors for this meeting – good job folks in bringing visitors and possible new members to our interesting meetings. The speaker report section summarized the classification talks given the last week by Pat Tokarz, Andrea Koslow, and Andrea Downing.