The Forecaster for November 13, 2018

The Nov. 6th meeting was a busy one with much worthwhile info on club activities and a most interesting speaker. Sir Stuart started the activities with an exchange of club flags with a Rotarian from New Mexico that ended with us presenting her a Washington’s Will and our patented “Mr. President, I come from Long Beach…..” saying. Next we were informed that our Salvation Army bell ringing would be on Sat. Dec. 15 and the sign-up roster is on the website so go and sign up. Amy Curtis introduced this month’s student recognition candidate, senior Caroline Simmons from T.C. Williams who had a most impressive list of accomplishments. A Polio Plus raffle was presented by Rich Morrison with proceeds going to Rotary Foundation for efforts toward Polio eradication and the raffle drawing will be held on Nov 13th. The Scottish Walk will be on Dec. 1st (come walk with us) and our Holiday Luncheon is Dec. 18th – plan on bringing your spouse or significant other. Our speaker was Tom Sanderson who gave us an overview of the rather frightening world of global risks and opportunities like the disquieting status of Venezuela where millions have fled that country to escape rampant inflation, malnourishment, and where many feel marginalized – over 90,000 people recently fled that country during only one day. He then discussed some terrorist related factors that cause chaos, often due to poor government, corruption, poverty, government repression, ignorance, and racism. Future concerns are worrying since there are about 83 million people being added to the planet each year – limited supplies of food, water, and other resources must be found to support and sustain these additional people. This speech covered these very serious concerns the world will need to resolve.

The Forecaster for November 6, 2018

30 October was the 5th Tuesday and thus was dedicated to club business. Bettina Kanitz gave a factoid on Rotary’s efforts over the years relating to peacebuilding-starting with participating in development of the UN Charter and currently representing Rotary at the UN and other international groups. Our monthly Moment for Missions was by Friends of Guest House that assists women to successfully reenter the community after incarceration. Two young RYLA participants thanked us for helping them attend a conference where they met and interacted with other youth. The real substitute for our speaker was given by Martha Kelley and Terry McCormick presenting their classification talks. Martha told us of her life beginning in the Alexandria area, graduation from William & Mary, working in a really diverse series of endeavors including Rotary activities in GOMA, DRC and now the welcome here in our club. Terry described a life growing up moving often and then continuing frequent moves in his own business life. He grew up and attended universities in Minnesota.. His passion is corporate and non-profit marketing – his wife, Meg is an FBI agent whose job required their move to Alexandria.

The Forecaster for October 30, 2018

The meeting on October 23rd was a bit unusual since lunch was a buffet of dishes from the country of Georgia served with a selection of red and white Georgian wines. Our speaker was the Economic Counselor from the Georgian Embassy, Levan Beridze, who showed us a video of scenery around the nation. He then told us that Georgia is basically a crossroad between Asia and Europe that has been a nation for over 3,000 years and with a history of wine cultivation of over 8,000 years. They have a liberal democratic government that is working for membership in the EU and NATO. We had announcements about the results of our Taste for Giving, about our work with 17 other Rotary clubs to support a school in Haiti (we’re to bring toothbrushes and OTC drugs that will be taken there soon), and also about a raffle to raise more funds for Polio Plus.

Speakers for November 2018

Nov. 6, Tom Sanderson……”Global Risks and Opportunities”

Nov. 13, Richard Schmitt, …”Addressing the Collateral Damage Issues of the Vietnam War: A Personal Journey in the Memory of Our Son”

Nov. 20, Christina Armstrong, “Beginning with The Friend in Mind”

Nov. 27, Dr. Tom Glenn………”Memories of When Saigon Fell”

The Forecaster for October 23, 2018

The announcements section of this Forecaster mainly dealt with the Taste for Giving 2018 held on October 19th at the Patent and Trademark Office that seems to have been a glorious success. A request was also made for members to provide suggestions on alternative ways to display the many club flags we have that are unmounted. Our speaker was Matthew Moen ,President of the Gettysburg Foundation, an organization that engages Americans in constructive conversations about leadership, citizenship, civility and conciliation in our democracy. One major presentation he made was the importance of having regard for truth as the foundation for the rebuilding of our democracy as a force that can hold us together as a nation. He urged us to be always vigilant to tell the truth and reduce untruth.

The Forecaster for October 16, 2018

Past President Larry Alberson developed and projected a new “heritage” display of the history of our club that is very interesting – check it out. This is only one of the many things Larry has done to bring to life the history of this active Rotary club. Katy Fike then introduced our speaker who was Ron Fitzsimmons, the founder of the charity Alice’s Kids. Ron told us that he and his sister, Laura Fitzsimmons Peters started this charity to provide support to kids for the small things they couldn’t afford but made such a big difference to them. Ron and Laura had been raised by their mother Alice as a single parent and had endured many ‘shortages’ and knew the impact felt by the kids who were not able to participate in some key youth activities due to shortage of money. Gifts, usually in the form of gift cards under $100, are provided anonymously to the children based on needs identified by teachers or social workers. Items provided might be such things as prom dresses, soccer shoes, camp fees, and other things we generally take for granted. The charity has now expanded to 24 states and is based on the clear, simple, focused and disciplined approach to their mission.

The Forecaster for October 9, 2018

Included in this Forecaster are details of three new members, Lt. Alphonso Hughes, Jr, Mark E Wright, and Farheena Siddiqui to both infom members on these new folks and to be able to contact them as we bring them into club activities. Donna Wilson also announced that John Moorman was our Rotarian of the Month for September because of his efforts in organizing our Taste for Giving (to be at the Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 19th). Donna also reminded us to help bring in items for the silent auction (contact her regarding delivery) and John mentioned that tickets can be purchased on our website. Ann Rector introduced Maestro Jim Ross as our speaker. Jim is the newly named music director of the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra (ASO) who is taking them into their 75th Anniversary year. Jim told us about his many plans for the ASO, such as making the classical music more contemporary and fun while also having events that help other community organizations with their fund raising. An enjoyable and enlightening presentation by a most engaging speaker. He made a major point about the many ties and similiarities between our Rotary club and the ASO.

The Forecaster for October 2, 2018

Our September 25th meeting was a busy one that included a visit and comments by our District 7610 Governor, Glen Yarborough and a speech by Lisa Jacobs from the Alexandria Teaching Consortium (ATC). The DG told us about activities going on in the district after he recognized all present who’d served in Vietnam with “Welcome Home” pins. He also told us it is time to be thinking of major goals for Rotary after we successfully conclude the Polio Now crusade. Our speaker, Lisa Jacobs told of the great work being done by the Alexandria Tutoring Consortium (ATC) to help early elementary students to read at grade level by the third grade. She also encouraged us to volunteer as tutors that commit to two 30-minute sessions per week from October to May with a student who is taken out of class for these sessions. We also were asked for book donations to help expand their library development program with readers for 5, 6, and 7 year old children. During the meeting we also inducted three new members: Lt. Alphonso Hughes Jr., Farheena Siddiqui, and Mark E. Wright.

Directors for Rotary Year 2018-2019

President – Paul Anderson
President-elect, Director Group A, Club Administration – Sharon Meisel
Vice Pres. Director; Group B, Club Service – John Moorman
Director Group C, Membership – Dan Blaine
Director Group D, Public Image – Ru Toyama
Director Group E, Service Community – Christine Friedberg
Director Group F, Service International – Shahnaz Ahmed
Director Group G, Foundation – Rich Morrison
Secretary – Donna Wilson
Co-Treasurers – Lee Duncan/Jeff Kolhne

The Forecaster for September 25, 2018

During announcements last week: Tom Roberts told us a bit about his upcoming trip to Dundee, South Africa and is working on a club-to-club grant with Dundee Rotary to purchase a medical transportation vehicle; President Paul Anderson told us that Past President Gayle Spurr and Jay have come through the floods with loss of their boat and damage to the house but they are ok; and Sharon Meisel reminded us of the Walk for Water on October 6th to help raise funds for our shared Strategic Water Alliance. Our speaker was Darlene Williamson, founder of the Stoke Comeback Center to help stroke survivors during their recovery. She told us about the types of strokes and their different warning signals. If you have someone apparently suffering from as stroke is to IMMEDIATELY CALL 9-1-1 so they can most quickly begin receiving medical treatment. She gave us some very timely and critical facts about strokes and their recovery treatments.