As the meeting the week before was a very busy one, this week’s bulletin is also rather jam packed. On Friday Oct. 25th was our very important annual fund raising event, Taste for Giving so much dealt with that upcoming evening. Rich Morrison gave us a most informative presentation on our Polio Plus activities since World Polio Day was also that same week. Rotary has played a major role in the worldwide efforts to eradicate polio and is planning and financing more efforts to bring the eradication to a successful ending. We were pleased to have a club banner exchange with a visiting Rotarian from the UK who plans to return often. This bulletin has an initial report on the success of Taste for Giving with summary of a memo from President Sharon Meisel. Our most thought provoking speaker last week was the retired diplomat, Paul Sutphin who discussed the uses of hard power (military) and soft power (persuasion and economics) and observed that we are most effective when we use both types of power together. A major point was that the US should lead by example due to our economy, military and uniqueness (like our swearing allegiance to a document of principles). His summary was that diplomacy is a good value for the US – it saves lives and supports those in uniform.