A great announcement last week was that our Brooke Curran had just completed a 100 mile race that took 27 hours of running, eating, and drinking (stopping about every 4 miles to eat (stay carbed up) and drink (stay hydrated). She finished 2nd in her age group and we’re really proud of her achievements. Jody Blood told us that the Taste for Giving Travel Raffle will start sales the 17th and continueat each meeting, on the website, and at the TFG. Travel prize is one of three fantastic events that the winner can select. We were encouraged by Rick Endres to assist in selling TFG sponsorships so we can reach our goal for this major fund raising event. Geoff Thomas and Maribeth Bersani were induced by Gant Redmon and presented their red badges and Connie Hammell recognized birthdays of Katy Fike, Pat Clarke, Derek Mason, and John Woods. Last meeting’s final announcement was by Nancy Cooper reminding us that the “Walk For Water” is on Oct.5th in Reston. We then had a very interesting and informative speech from Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson who told us about on-going activities of the city like the new Amazon HQ2 that will bring 25,000 new people to the area, the Virginia Tech Innovative Academy to be established in Potomac Yard, and planning under way for expanding both elementary and high schools soon. Everyone appreciated the candor and detail of the Mayor’s presentation.