Gant Redmon, Newscaster Emeritus, told us that Wegman’s is building a store on Eisenhower Ave and Alexandria is nominated for Southern Living’s Best City Award. Pam DeCandio told us of the initial moves that are being made for Taste for Giving on Oct 25th and we were encouraged to help get sponsorships to increase the revenue. Monte Durham, Fashion Director on TLV’s “Say Yes to the Dress” was our very entertaining speaker last week who told us this was his first Rotary meeting and that it takes 15 to 20 hours to tape each 15 minute segment of the show. He also told us he is very close to opening a new hair salon in old town. He grew up in West Virginia and is writing a book about his experiences from being bullied to his success on the national stage – he credits his mother since they had so little but she encouraged him to achieve his dreams.