The Forecaster for April 2, 2019

Last week our announcements at the start of the meeting were about the success of the Charter Night dinner, Rick Bailer’s report on the water and sanitation projects we have underway, student recognition of Jasmine Vargas from St Stephens & St Agnes who is a real go getter and headed for the Univ. of Alabama, encouragement for more to sign-up for our April 22nd golf tourney, and John Moorman’s recognition of March birthdays of Edmund Willis, Dan Blaine, Mary Ann Karau, and Christine Friedberg. Our speaker was Tim Manning, a security an crisis management consultant who was introduced by his neighbor and friend, Mike Holm. In a fast paced speech accompanied by many well chosen photos Tim gave us his take on the on-going climate change/global warming we are experiencing. A key fact he put forward was: carbon dioxide is the primary culprit in global warming since it raises the heat in water and air thus being a major causative factor in climate and weather changes, melting ice caps, changes in plant and grazing patterns, coastal flooding and so many more problems. For thousands of years before the early 1900s the level of CO2 was very steady but shot up and is rising exponentially since the start of the Industrial Revolution. A most interesting speech that was also quite thought provoking.

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