Speakers for April 2019

April 2 – Ambassador William Hill will speak to us about Russia and the former Soviet Union, with a specific focus on his new book about Russia’s place in the European security environment since 1989. He is a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center and a retired Foreign Service officer.
April 9 – James Renwick Manship (a historian), in honor of Sir Stuart who always laments that George Washington is not a member, will portray George Washington in full costume.
April 16 – Ramon Montes is the CEO and Founder of The Regratifying Foundation. They work with kids coming out of foster care at age 18 to direct them into adulthood.
April 23 – Sam Shepherd, a Biochemical/Environmental Engineer; Physicist/Cosmologist who has discovered a natural Immunotherapy and the most powerful anti-oxidant known to date.
April 30 – Governor Jim Gilmore, is going to talk about his recent ambassadorial appointment as the permanent US representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He will be headquartered in Vienna, Austria and work with 57 other countries on issues such as human trafficking, border management, election fraud and cyber security

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