The Forecaster for November 27, 2018

Last week’s meeting started with Janet Barnett reading an impressive poem about naming a baby boy. The key was that the poem relates to a baby whose naming day, per Jewish tradition, was 8 days after his birth. That naming ceremony was scheduled for the Tree of Life synagogue on the same day of that terrible massacre. There was to be a celebration that Shabbat morning; instead a massacre took place. Later announcements were made about the Scottish Walk (Dec.1st), and our Christmas Luncheon (Dec. 18th). Our speaker was Christina Armstrong who was a Rotary International Exchange Student to Chile 1997-98 and whose mother was an active Rotarian who’d help sponsor numerous Exchange Students and gave the impetus to Christina pursuing a Exchange Student experience to Chile. She gave us a most interesting report on her experiences and follow up efforts. Most impressive was the Rotary foundation she and her mother founded to support families in Central and South America.

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