The Forecaster for November 13, 2018

The Nov. 6th meeting was a busy one with much worthwhile info on club activities and a most interesting speaker. Sir Stuart started the activities with an exchange of club flags with a Rotarian from New Mexico that ended with us presenting her a Washington’s Will and our patented “Mr. President, I come from Long Beach…..” saying. Next we were informed that our Salvation Army bell ringing would be on Sat. Dec. 15 and the sign-up roster is on the website so go and sign up. Amy Curtis introduced this month’s student recognition candidate, senior Caroline Simmons from T.C. Williams who had a most impressive list of accomplishments. A Polio Plus raffle was presented by Rich Morrison with proceeds going to Rotary Foundation for efforts toward Polio eradication and the raffle drawing will be held on Nov 13th. The Scottish Walk will be on Dec. 1st (come walk with us) and our Holiday Luncheon is Dec. 18th – plan on bringing your spouse or significant other. Our speaker was Tom Sanderson who gave us an overview of the rather frightening world of global risks and opportunities like the disquieting status of Venezuela where millions have fled that country to escape rampant inflation, malnourishment, and where many feel marginalized – over 90,000 people recently fled that country during only one day. He then discussed some terrorist related factors that cause chaos, often due to poor government, corruption, poverty, government repression, ignorance, and racism. Future concerns are worrying since there are about 83 million people being added to the planet each year – limited supplies of food, water, and other resources must be found to support and sustain these additional people. This speech covered these very serious concerns the world will need to resolve.

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