The Forecaster for October 16, 2018

Past President Larry Alberson developed and projected a new “heritage” display of the history of our club that is very interesting – check it out. This is only one of the many things Larry has done to bring to life the history of this active Rotary club. Katy Fike then introduced our speaker who was Ron Fitzsimmons, the founder of the charity Alice’s Kids. Ron told us that he and his sister, Laura Fitzsimmons Peters started this charity to provide support to kids for the small things they couldn’t afford but made such a big difference to them. Ron and Laura had been raised by their mother Alice as a single parent and had endured many ‘shortages’ and knew the impact felt by the kids who were not able to participate in some key youth activities due to shortage of money. Gifts, usually in the form of gift cards under $100, are provided anonymously to the children based on needs identified by teachers or social workers. Items provided might be such things as prom dresses, soccer shoes, camp fees, and other things we generally take for granted. The charity has now expanded to 24 states and is based on the clear, simple, focused and disciplined approach to their mission.

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