The Forecaster for May 15, 2018

President Mike Wicks told us the current and new boards met together for the first time last week and approved the membership applications of Martha Ellis Kelley and Taylor Barnes. The first group of birthdays for May was called out by Janet Barnett who recognized Sir Stuart Matthews, Jon Williams, Bonnie Tavolazzi, and Bill Vosbeck. Our ‘speakers’ last week were 3 Red Badgers who presented both their classification talk and factoid. Katy Fike said she was from a small town, went to a small Catholic Univ., and was an office manager. She feels our service efforts fit her nicely and she is happy here. Dan Ehrlick is from Bethlehem, PA, went to Penn State, went into the Navy (family tradition), and helped sell ships to foreign navies, and did many volunteer activities. Jennifer Hammer was born in Houston, went to Texas A&M, married a Navy aviator and moved around the US, had 2 sons (both Hokies), and how works with Legacy Navigator to help customers.

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